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The Marketing Partners focuses on new market entry and development: geographic, product or industry. We hunt for new markets and establish the framework to farm value. Our role is to optimize and leverage our extensive international successes, shortening time-to-market, reducing costs and lowering your market entry risk. For Canadian companies, we identify key markets - US and international - and optimal entry strategies. For non-Canadian companies, we act as interim business development leaders to market test, undertake pre-sales, and identify, qualify and secure the channel partners who will grow your business in North America. Our target market is small to mid-stage companies who are ready to "turn the corner" - to accelerate their growth and transition their business.
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Deep(ly) committed bench strength
A full team - playing one position ... ready when you are...
Real-time and part-time, not full time

Strategic human resourcing - the expertise you need when you need it...

On the team ... not just coaching on the sidelines

We work in your organization - with your people - leading and mentoring...

The Marketing Partners, located in Toronto, bring global experience and success in North America, the Asia Pacific, India, Europe and Australia. Our global perspective — the ability to align the relevant value proposition for each market  — enables us to customize solutions unique to each client's time-sensitive opportunity. We work beside our clients to execute our precisly targeted plans - measure the results, and adjust in real-time.

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Launching a Government Contracts Business In North America

TMP worked closely with an Australian traffic-management business to successfully initiate and ramp up their business in North America, leading the marketing and sales efforts to capture over $200 million in contract value with the Ontario and Rhode Island governments.

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